software subscription prices add up

install a new version of a familiar program — and the controls are so simplified, you wonder if it even does as much as the old one. turns out, no, they just hide the functions under new, simplified buttons. i don’t want to pay $120 a year for the “pro” creative cloud version of photoshop.

far as i could tell, the only difference is a 3D renderer in the pro version. i used it a few times, but really not something i needed that much. very complicated, anyway — and employed it mostly for 3D lettering. so the majority of what i do with photoshop, can be done with photoshop elements version.

interesting that they make you sign in to your adobe account, just to install. i found that annoying. if i’m installing a paid-for free-standing program, it should not require an account sign in. what if adobe goes belly-up? there goes any future installs you might have otherwise had.

as much as i like adobe software in general, i pretty much dislike the new set up where you pay each month. pay and pay and pay …while that is based on not actual usage. and they could probably base payment on usage – a per hour rate or something, rather than a monthly payment when you might not even need or use the software for months at a time!

it can be horrifying when you do the math, realize you spent $50 a month for a year, and the actual time spent using the program(s) was 20 hours or so during course of the year. so that’s $15/hour cost, and outrageous if compared to a program you pay for once and use indefinitely.

is an awful feeling, to FEEL so screwed over…. it’s like the first time i signed up to get 10 cassette tapes for one penny. or the credit card where you didn’t read the fine print on annual fees. it’s not the money that bothers me so much, as it is that FEELING of being a sucker, a rube. just a typical consumer idiot falling into a typical consumer trap.

for some reason i have this need to investigate the steps where the average person will fall. it’s as if i’m programmed to fully experience the many ways businesses work to unfairly fleece consumers. i DO pay for the microsoft office software on a monthly basis, but it’s a smaller amount and i feel like i get more from it. adobe is expensive, and i just don’t know that it’s worth a monthly payment. it feels like extortion.

like they are shaking you down just because they have something you need. month after month of shakedowns. so i’m not going to do that anymore, at least not with adobe if i can help it. i want programs that go the distance.



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