the importance of eternal stock

the least thing i consider
is being excellent
and of no embarrassment

those who need to be prided
upon their associations
rather than their own humanity
are a little on the useless side

i know exactly what people assume
i know exactly how
and to what degree those false assumptions
lead them to exaggerated computations

mostly i’ve read a lot of debate
on a lot of philosophies

how many minds
does a woodchuck mind
if a woodchuck could chuck minds…

oh i let most everything
go and be itself
i laugh at measurement
such a silly thing
such a dependency of calculated
arbitrary reactive parallelism

(i seal off wordpress likes to their own chamber
where quantity is quality
divided by shame, it’s a process)

that big hot thing in the sky
rises differently each day
you have only molded it to your design
of one thing

and the brain can hold more
we make our exclusive meters of dispatch

mine finds only tedium
in so many blanket conceptualizations

no, i don’t worry about being an embarrassment
not when there’s something i want
madness and method
i worry more about arbitrating balance

between what won’t kill me
and what is expected
to define tomorrow

you want to be proud of something
buy a cocker spaniel


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