dear Synaptic touchpad

got any idea how much time i spend having to fix the settings???? the defaults are so bad, is unreal.

momentum and glide don’t work on the windows 10 driver version. so i have to uninstall, reinstall correct drivers, and run a special program to prevent windows from reinstalling the bad drivers.

on the scroll…who wants edge motion on scroll????!!!!! annoying as can be, to have it pass the spot where you want to stop, and you then play wheel of fortune trying to get it to land on the right spot!

gestures … yea, windows 10, and since windows 8 — the side swipe gesture needs to be OFF by default. otherwise whenever you start from the edge of the touchpad, menus and all else pop up on the screen. OFF— do you hear me???

and palm check … whose bright idea was it to make NO clicks work unless they are exactly in the middle of the touchpad?????? that kind of defeats the entire purpose of a “tap-to-click” … if i have to move my finger to tap in the same exact center spot each time, then why even BOTHER???? takes same amount away from production as using the left and right mouse buttons.

if people are too dumb and continually brush the touchpad when they type — that’s THEIR problem — why make everybody else pay for it??? so that needs to go, or only come into effect when someone is actually typing — instead of hampering clicks ALL the time.

let’s see … i think that’s it. but just wanted to let you all know that it sure takes A LOT of tweaking to get your friggin software even usable. your defaults are SO bad and that’s on different laptops of all kinds — the defaults are SO bad that i really can’t believe anyone at Synaptic has even tried them out– has even used their own product.

friggin unreal…. anybody actually at synaptic, or do you work for a whole week and take the rest of the year off? it blows my mind how extraordinarily bad the default settings are….it’s evil. there’s something seriously wrong with a company that programs its own hardware to run at a sub-par level! at this point i really want to know
WHY???? the curiosity is killing me. what could possibly motivate Synaptic to program the touchpads so poorly with such bad defaults?



Feedback always welcome

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