How Much does that Video Cost?

there is a problem with “streaming” to begin with. if somebody purposely wanted to design a system that would severely tax internet bandwidth, they couldn’t have done better than “streaming.” and i’ve been watching it all come down. there are several low-MB video codecs that were dismissed for higher ones. the push has been to create very large video files that don’t need to be that large for almost identical resolution values. so was done on purpose — and why?

a VOB file, which is your standard DVD, are even smaller per minute of film, than what these companies are “streaming.”

and the plan was to eventually charge all consumers PER AMOUNT OF BANDWIDTH. the same as you are charged per KWH for electricity. but the USA and Google are in the wings, to supply cheaper and better public and private internet. and now the “boat” that the cable/phone companies have designed to carry them to prosperity — is floundering.

plus WITHOUT all that extra hulu/netflix/etc bandwidth usage, the USA could be much farther at this point– in having outstanding wireless internet that is completely independent of landlines and cable companies.

so …. well it’s a fine kettle of tea. they could even have designed a system where video is downloaded and kept locally, rather than being streamed and streamed again. it’s like the most costly way to do it. congratulations on being idiots.

internet pirates have a more bandwidth-friendly system in place. and it’s geared to lower bandwidth usage over time rather than increase over time. think of it as there is a gas crisis, and everyone is buying hum-v’s because it’s the thing — and the bad guys are really the good guys because they’re manufacturing bicycles. it’s sort of like that. pirates are manufacturing bicycles. because they’re not greedy idiots like we’ve got running the internet (ISP) industry here.

to give you an idea of scale — a 2 hour movie, if saved and played as only sound — like old radio shows — would run maybe 120 MB for almost 2 hours of entertainment. to have a modest resolution value, with video that goes up to 800 MB. (six to seven times audio alone–goes up 667%) now with the content they “stream” in 1080p — that same movie is 6 GB. or 6000 MB. and can be as much as 12 GB (7.5-15 times the size for a slightly better picture–goes up 750% to 1500% for a slightly sharper picture)

it’s like getting sour cream for your potato, that costs 50 times the amount of the potato. most logical people would say, thank you very much but i’ll pass on the sour cream.

but they don’t. it’s all a mystery to the average consumer, and they think of all of it as a product, rather than seeing bandwidth as a resource. which it is. only so much. all this increase in bandwidth from those knowing no better, has completely destroyed the ability for the USA to have an excellent wireless system in place by now.

and i don’t know what to say. Congratulations, and enjoy your sour cream?


7 Replies to “How Much does that Video Cost?”

  1. One of the driving forces behind net neutrality was Netflix. Prior to this discussion major carriers of data had peering agreements where they would pay for data used, and off-set this for data supplied in a process called settlement. Netflix uses a lot of data and didn’t want to pay their fair share. So they began a campaign to make them exempt from the long standing process. They labeled this net neutrality because labeling it “Giving Netflix a free ride” would probably not have been so popular.
    Today we have the FCC taking control of the internet because the government will make things fairer. And many people are congratulating themselves at tilting the playing field towards one corner. And we now know that Netflix was throttling data rates to certain carriers while pointing at those carriers with alarm because they had proof of throttling by those carriers. Kind of like your little sister biting her own arm and going to Mom crying because you bit her.
    What we need is a pay by use system where big consumers of data pay for what they use. This would give an incentive to carriers to create a video streaming backbone, separate from the rest of the world.

    By the way. Netflix, Google and other big consumers of bandwidth often pay to place a local server at an ISP. This server acts as a local cache so that movies transit the backbone once and then are served up to customers connecting directly to the ISP. This saves on settlement charges, improves response time etc.

    1. yes i realized that when comcast began offering internet pay to view and video on demand. thank you for the elaboration. perhaps there is no such thing as net neutrality because trying to build an even playing field on top of a severely uneven one, is never going to work. my main concern is equality of access. we are moving public libraries and public shopping areas into the home. as well as communications. and that is why the old guard sticks to using the email only, the communications part. and the communications part is the hardest hit by malware.

      i honestly don’t know what direction will work at this point. the old guard usually gets their way, and i’m not sure where the root of the reasoning is coming from. because the old guard are the ones who could make best use of home based

    2. could make best use of home based libraries and shopping. young families go with giant bandwidth use and streaming, because keeping up with the jones’ has become seeing the latest movies. i suppose could tackle it from that angle, but beating the keep up with the jones’ has always been a hard nut to crack. i think whole thing is a lost cause. though there could be some hope if more would reduce their streaming and focus on more bandwidth-friendly alternatives. which isn’t going to happen, because all the isp’s have equated higher pricing with higher speed in the mind of the consumer. amount of content doesn’t penetrate, they only care how fast the product is delivered, not how much it weighs. i have no idea what can be done. part of the problem is lack of electronics education in our schools. i had to go online to study what electricity IS, to study what a radio wave IS.

      i don’t know specifics on the battle between netflix and comcast, but i do know comcast has extremely questionable business ethics.

  2. i think it’s more likely isp’s and video streaming companies have worked out some back door deals to keep landline based internet alive. and that’s a matter of eeking out as much money as possible from the landline investments how many decades ago… and they burdened the use so heavily that mobile computing is at a snails pace due to volume. meanwhile we still do not have an internet based national emergency alert system in place. the family in this article, canceling tv and going to full video streaming, now have no national emergency alert system. and mobile is only good for phone, while someone’s (apple) bright idea to bridge that gap, has been to have mobile devices latch on to any free wifi landline signal available. at this point i’m just stepping back, and saying it wasn’t me. not my doing and we have a real mess with no way out. part of me hopes there is some ultimate play in place, playing the players. but i doubt it, and think we are at the mercy of an outcome based solely on corporate greed.

  3. the video and movie industry itself, is a highly questionable entity, ruling and governing the masses in lessons of morality, history, and examples of emotive response. and every type of money grubbing possible at the same time. i spend a large degree of my existence, keeping track of what is being fed to the populace via tv, movies, news, music…. it’s exhausting. in recent years have had to drop the music angles, because i don’t have the energy or time. have had to cut back on the news, because it’s a mess of editorial opinion rather than honest fact reporting. all woven traps to move public opinion. and movies show morals examples to justify those stands. meanwhile i’m not giving a rats ass HOW you all given the masses in reasoning and thought, i just want it done equally so one battle front, rather than this crazy mish mash dependent on how much information is available to individuals according to class, and age, and god knows what else. eh…… might just be time to throw in the towel. but i worry that as i grow older, my understanding of how others are being manipulated will grow so weak that i cannot connect. as it stands, the human beings i have the greatest understanding with currently, are the very young males. which is a strange thing, to be a close to elderly female, with my best chance for good communication to be with more tech-savy young men. then i basically have to dumb everything down for everyone else, and my translation skills are extremely poor. there is definitely hope for the future. but they are inheriting a terrible mess. i can only say i’m sorry, the damage control has not been an easy task and harder still when your own peers have little respect for insight on information matters.

    what is going to happen, is that a building susceptibility to incorrect information will lead to larger gaps in mediation. and every incorrect one coming down the pike right now are investigative, to see how far they can reach. when they find a true path, we will be hit by a doosey.

    yet the saving grace on that, is so far the focus has been misinformation for financial gain.

    for a long time, hollywood has pushed the idea that the only fix to a system is its complete collapse and the establishment of a new system. but at least that has changed, with more willingness to work with what we’ve got. but i don’t know what the next step is for the internet. my only answer is to have faith in google and microsoft and open source, at this point. hope that between them direction can be found to make the age of information, the age of equality. ??????? stranger things have happened

  4. we have the old system, of television and radio pumping out public understanding on a massive level. it is easy to forget, once attached to the internet, that a majority of people still rely on tv and radio. the internet has become a place to attack and question the policies. a media oversight department, so to speak. fair access to the internet then becomes a matter of fair access to say. now how that relates to the giant shift of using the internet as a delivery mechanism for television…. is essentially “the enemy” breaching the fort and and we all go down in a butch casedy and sundance final moment.

    so the only answer is to let it play out. see if there can be a separation between video, and internet? which is sort of happening with dedicated streaming devices, but they don’t have their own infrastructure and are sapping the rest of the internet.

    it’s very tempting to go old guard, and push for live stage plays and live musicals…. push for the return of snail mail minus the rainstorm of ads…. to backtrack and put a nix on electronics entirely. it would not be that hard to do. but i think there is potential for great good in the areas of education and learning. enough to wait it out, and see.

    what i want too see happen, is something i ask myself. but part of it, is the ability for access to the internet, to open paths for the individual to reach a full potential of intelligence and reasoning. i think everyone is smart in their own way. and the internet makes those ways possible.

    if the internet becomes only a one-way distribution connection similar to television, then is a lost cause. and what percentage of resources are currently used to distribute streamed video? they could have designed an interactive comment element, on the video itself. but those in the process of feeding ideology don’t want that. they want audiences to continue to sit and take in, without thinking.

    i want too see the use of gps in mobile devices to end. to only turn on automatically for maps. i want too see a national emergency system for at least mobile, other than just weather. i want to see programming that saves time, rather than wastes time. i want too see better watch dogging against national enquirer type information. i want to see less chain mail events. i want too see a slow down in “new” hardware and a concentration on better software systems. and i want the internet to become a tool for better lives through better comprehension. the future is unlimited. i want each human being to realize that, to know that they are allowed to change the system. that it’s not crazy to believe you can change the world. it’s crazy if you don’t.

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