what are you going to do?

you know who objects to cellphones
the most?
those who thrive on social snubbery
what, you don’t want to talk
to me and engage like a normal
human being?
fine, i’ll just pull out my phone
and text with someone who has
actual manners

the irony is then to be told
that using an electronic device
to stem off boredom
is ill-mannered

if you are an outsider
you are supposed to take your lumps
stare miserably at the wall
or perform one of those awkward
interjections where everyone
goes silent and you’re suddenly
on the spot….

i’ve lived with it my whole life
and the emergence of internet
via pocket has saved me from numerous
snubbings to date

so poohey on those who
think it is the end of life as we know it

who crusade to have less people
staring down at their phones
as if that’s some kind of worse fate
than being locked out of a conversation

poohey on you
because you all had your chance
and chose instead to engage in power
plays worthy of
kindergarten competitive standards

now the proverbial outsider has an answer
to staring down at their toes
while wondering what they
could possibly have done wrong

because the answer is always the same:
you were born

does pulling out a cellphone
trump an actual, honest to good snubbing?
so far it seems to do fairly well
and at the same time saves the snubber
from my thoughts on deeper matters
that they certainly don’t want to hear

viva le cellphone
the electronic savior
the one thing that has brought some equality
to the dinner table
the waiting rooms
the lines at the friggin walmart

long may it reign
if you want it to die out
try being nice to those around you

and the phones will stay in the pocket
simple as can be
you can’t make it a social
for those already
socially excluded

what are you going to do?
make us stare at a wall twice as hard?

Check, and Mate, and please pass the pickle relish



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