a different kind of list

painting nails
blow drying hair
washing dishes
changing oil in a car
weeding a garden
cooking food that won’t kill you
building web pages
fixing computers
writing anything
fact checking
photoshopping anything
painting pictures
selling the unnecessary
comprehending irony
following directions

small talk
speaking in front of an audience
losing weight
keeping clothes clean
putting myself first
scheduling exercise
staying angry
dusting or vacuuming
(often enough)
giving others benefit of the doubt
resisting cakes, cookies, or candy
putting up with discourtesy
throwing or giving away unused items
doing anything on a schedule
(except making coffee each morning)
traveling or vacationing
playing the piano or any instrument
listening… am a poor listener
get frustrated easily
enjoy silence but talk too much
am sucker for sales
can’t decide on what perfume i like best
there are so many!
can’t decide on anything
don’t take advice from others

there are things i do well
and things i don’t do well
the part of me that steps aside
is the part of eternity that dreams

mornings are for determining
another day
….not such a bad thing

well…. well
hole in the ground that gushes forth….
where did i put my bucket?

where did i put anything?
keeping track of existence
keeping track of myself
every moment of the now
holds a sigh
painted by things lost
lost and gone
until the only well i want
is one of contentment
one where smiles float on the surface
and no bucket is necessary
to love the experience in all of its forms



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