the person that does the math

not hard
human doesn’t train their dog
because they are afraid to be unkind
then the dog won’t go outside to do their
business, and the human continues
believing how kind and wonderful they are
as they lock the dog in a small box
for 12/24 of its life
half a life in a cage
rather than 5 minutes of “bad dog!”
and a rolled up newspaper ….

i do the math
plus i’m not sure what they are teaching
any animal by caging it…
to be afraid? to hate life?

same with cats and keeping them inside
all the time…. what does that prove?
how wonderful a human, protecting life!
but what quality of life? how long could
you stay inside, never seeing the sky — and
not go mad? yet cats are supposed to endure
to live longer and therefore be a pet longer

i don’t see the sense
do the math

the cat who ranges
has a different personality
because they are free…..

then it becomes their choice
to like you
are not subject to you ….
it’s all pretty clear
not hard to grasp
so i can only blame the merchants

selling cages and cat litter
plus buying tons of stuff
for a pet proves to the human
how much they give for their pet
how dedicated … how very kind to animals!
it’s all manipulated

anyway — i do think part of the
the thing — is not doing the math
not able or not willing
to quantify according to outcome

well at least the birds are free
unless they have the misfortune to be
beautiful …

caged for amusement
i even feel for my plants…
sticking them in pots
rather than free to be in the earth
just because they need a different climate
it is another form of cruelty

human beings don’t see past their nose

there are better ways to be

if do the math … can see the shortcomings

calculate deliverance

it is those who start the practices
and then they become commonplace
and at that point nobody questions the wisdom

and our culture is unfortunately
known for not having the courage
to question its own practices

but maybe if more do the math
if more can realize that we come up short

then world could be better
in two ways



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