monkey mazes

a new camera
nothing fancy but
….. dedicated camera
interesting how similar
to the one i owned 10 years ago

just more stuff hiding under the buttons
and more megapixels
less weight
and a rechargeable battery

gotten for a steal
seek and ye shall find?
display model
last one
firmware terribly out of date

main thing is has the zoom
fits in a pocket
and so far seems to see what i see

though interesting to have to explore
new paths of what control does what
i think about all those who don’t have
ability to remember

i am a maze monkey
at some point shall capture the geese
their lonely cries
as they cut through the air
necks outstretched
a to b

need to organize all my old photos
even wordpress now two thirds full
wonder how i manage
and will have to move from this apartment
have reached my limit
at complaining to others

now they are ready to strangle me
for being so stupid
as to remain
in this spot
the torture of stomp

it leaves me a little wistful
out with the old
in with the new

life morphs and changes
we build our monkey mazes
to the end
where beginnings churn and mesh

i smile at the point?
find that beauty goes on
despite the twists
despite it all
there’s something that takes me back
to those times i dreamed of a life not yet lived

i don’t think my hopes were ever high
but the possibilities were endless

now i’m not sure
what i even think of dreams
i guess when you have more memories than dreams
life centers on the now

paths have been picked
some boarded up and barred forever
why a monkey maze?

oh all just primates
elevated in our own esteem
thinking that a plan
somehow means direction

that direction
somehow makes every destination



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