for we clump

the thing about understanding crazy
is that too many want to understand
something in order to manipulate
bad dog!
bad dog!
or is it bad goat
bad cow?
bad duck … i’m losing track
of what the enemy is supposed to be next

crazy puts a lot on the backburner
refuses to decide
one explanation or another
then the apex hits
and me with no explanations
so the mind inclines to grasp for
any type of convoluted causality

now the trick to that
is create yet another
classification for the blessings
of observational contortion

blindsided within amusement
how to tell anyone
those three awful words, “i don’t know”

mantra for me these days
better to let go
say doesn’t matter
no beginning
no finish
precision itself will gaze at life
….see exactly how many will fall

comprehension a tricky thing
but the answer to all of existence
is to not simply realize that insanity is shared
but to determine the points
where insanity is useless

and too many jump to insanity
again and again

beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
for we clump
paste perdition upon redundancy
line graves with holy thoughts

and fail to realize
that moments are not embellished

….. they ring eternity



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