horizon to horizon of filth

the sparrow sits and tweets
to greet the morning
talks to me
of skies that worry
thunder down in
smog of fullness
round and round

combustion goes
for as the valley fills
with angst and weekend
pulls the worst

man continues in his plight
while man himself is hurt
is taken to
the depths for swims of agony

what breathe!
what breath!
what abject tyranny
my love is feet and form
my day the only day
that’s born

such try
and try again
to warm insides with news
of better prospects
better insight

oh! the sparrow will hold on
tames my anger, still

greets true morning
with no graft in sight
no song, and yet cruel melody
stirs the soul of earth
…no conflict claimed
no better one
no name

skeletons with rubber wheels
yet how to find myself?
i’m here
and here again
therefore to worry is to wander
and to settle
is to settle for no less



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