it’s not an issue

what has to be wrong with a person
that wants to force a woman to
have a child she doesn’t want to have?
isn’t forcing a person to do that
another kind of rape?

putting a woman ‘in her place’ ??
requiring a woman to be a breeder first
a human being with rights second?

if born – the baby unloved
hated as the symbol of imprisonment
the symbol of freedom and rights removed

i want to understand
what has to be wrong with a human being
to decide they need to force females to birth children

what kind of human do you have to be
to not allow such a large choice
to remain WITH the human being it effects?

is it the power to force that on others
and then the justification on thinking you are
“saving” a life and the self-righteousness
when most likely you are condemning a life to poverty
to hatred and despair … to the ultimate rape of soul
put in her place
women without enough money
are put in their place
as breeders to satisfy the self-righteous nature
of others who force them to breed
who would rape them
rape their entire lives
into something that was not their decision
not their wish

i don’t think that’s anything to be self-righteous about
i think that’s selfish
to be more concerned about elevating your own feelings of
rather than being concerned about someone
who is hurting and not wishing or able
to carry a child

i don’t understand what kind of human you would have to be
how HUNGRY for power do you have to be
to force a woman to have a child when she does
not wish that

what kind of monsters live in this world?
hungry for power

i suggest you look at your own lives
and what is making you feel helpless

as for me
i don’t think of it as woman’s rights
i think of it as human rights

what about the right of an unborn child?
that’s the point
it is unborn and how many poor women
then give birth to children with fetal alcohol syndrome
how many of those births are thrown on the state
with more and more expense
how many
how many?
how many abused children go into foster systems
how many?

what a world … i will never understand
how deprived of human compassion you’d have to be
to force a woman to have a child

she shouldn’t spread her legs in the first place?
maybe the man has responsibility on that one
maybe the man should have controlled his urges
maybe if you force a woman to have a child
she should then have the right
to require the child’s father is sterilized

maybe the only reason we’re talking about this
is because men want to be able to spread their seed
and do what they want

on a farm
when they have a stud
and want to breed a horse
they don’t ask the mare’s permission
breeding is forced on it
and then birthing is forced on it

so is that what you want for human women also?
do you want to reduce human beings to the state of animals?

and of course only the lower classes — those in poverty
get to be treated like animals
the rich ones get all the abortions they need
it’s pathetic
i don’t know what to think of any of this

what do you think the future would think about
oh that’s right
most in that ilk think there will be no future
that the world will end and a perfect
world begin

one where they live forever
which ….btw … would have to be one that
never had children
since there is no way to make way for the new
without having the old step aside
i think about china
i think about how the world is already
on a path where food scarcity will be a large reality

i don’t know
but it’s not that so much
things seem to manage to keep going
it’s the lack of compassion
it’s treating a human female like she is livestock
instead of a human

i wonder what kind of person it takes
to be that cruel to their own species

i know this is some kind of hot topic, and there are strong opinions — even hatred for those who believe one thing or the other

but there is no way for me to ‘see’ those wanting to force a human being to be a breeder… to be your chattel
there is no way to justify that kind of behavior

i can only make excuses
say they don’t realize how rights work
they don’t understand that it can only be registered as forcing their decision
to be someone else’s decision

if they provided the diapers
the childcare
the food – the college? if the person wanting to make
that decision for the poor woman, was also the person obligated
to clothe, feed, care and have the responsibility for that child

then i guess it’s ok to decide or be part of the decision process
other than that
there’s no way to justify
the random nature of certain human beings
wanting to take over the decision process of others

and it is a line that is crossed
you go from there, to deciding as a state
what a human being should do for their career

you test and determine
the choice taken from them because they don’t know best
the test knows best
it’s all downhill from there

now i don’t know why they don’t get that
how the cause on that side of the fence is certainly a fascist move
and so utah making a step against abortive rights for women

is not that surprising, since is past being close to fascism
and heading right into it full board

so i know it’s a “heated issue” but i wanted to make the point
that it really isn’t

it isn’t an issue
you just either respect others or you don’t

and i wish i had a better answer
but thing is, the path of non-respect is the same one that eventually
will have you testing fetuses and state-aborting them if they are not the
right genetic type for professions needing to be filled

that seems extreme or preposterous
but that’s the direction it goes
because it’s not “life” you are after

so anyway …. have a merry christmas and happy fourth of july

i think i’m going to make a second pot of coffee today
and wonder how many curses it takes to get stomp to leave me be?


3 Replies to “it’s not an issue”

  1. well it’s good to see some are not unsubscribing, and truly i am trying to question the subject fairly. why would a woman want an abortion in the first place? a. there is no support from the father or the father is missing, b. it would create a physical or mental hardship. c. financial limitations.

    do those against abortive rights believe a woman makes the choice because she enjoys abortions? what are they doing, to lower the cost of child rearing and schooling? what are they doing to improve women’s health and wellbeing? what are they doing to ensure men are more responsible in how they procreate? yet so much that would decrease the necessity of terminating pregnancy is put aside and the focus is to require women to give birth no matter the circumstances. so society just makes the circumstances worse, and on it goes. the main question i have, is why does the wealthy gop right, want to swell the ranks of the poor no matter how terribly they are oppressed? and then a fetus rights outweigh mothers, unless it is a girl baby, who will then grow to have less rights than her fetus. i find it so confusing. they say it is a man’s world, and if you have seen the lds church like i have, there is no doubt. and it is scary, because the amount of power to do harm always outweighs the ability to do good.

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