upon the economy and those pushed to the bottom

working at the “soup kitchen” in salt lake – get an idea of the ‘reality’ even though the city has been patting itself on the back for the reduction in numbers of ‘homeless’ … interesting how they went about that. created a large mall next to the ‘homeless-park’ and then used that as an excuse to clear it out, while enacting legislation allowing police to arrest citizens for vagrancy. it all seems to run in circles.

my stand has always been that opportunity and education are essential to better civilization. was horrified when first came to utah and found that many high school drop-outs were drop-outs because their parents could not afford to pay for textbooks. have never heard of such a thing, that even the “free” public education was put out of reach for the utah-poor. and this is a highly theocratic state, and good example of how religious bodies are not necessarily the most compassionate for running a government.

it’s perspective …. the homeless man who “palms” his ticket for lunch at the soup kitchen — and yet a child who ‘bought’ that ticket comes up for an extra plate of food to share with his brothers and sisters……… part of me can’t stop crying inside. what can we do? education, opportunity, and simple human kindness. don’t lose sight of ‘far-away’ possibilities even though they seem somewhat idealistic.

is the system ‘broken?’ was it ever whole? i can’t get over the fact, that in order for some to feel charitable, others must be in need. and so one looks at the NEED to ‘be’ charitable, and how that type of … encouragement leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy where worse situations for others are actually created according to the ‘need’ for ‘helping’ — research needs to go into understanding this more fully.

the need for man himself, to look down upon others and therefore feel more elevated. and it’s even worse, in a way, to feel ‘elevated’ according to ones own degree of compassion. because the optimum state, would be to have no NEED for that compassion. for there to be greater strives toward equality and opportunities that don’t limit certain types or groups to ‘worse’ fates.

therefore the actual enemy within our system and society, is the pecking order. the maintenance of class levels and class-driven idealization. how to combat that? one group at a time, one person at a time. must drop assumptions that humans are or can be “born bad” and fully conclude that EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET is a product of their environment.

the man who palmed his ticket was very proud, and laughed as he walked away. to me, that spells out a much greater need than just food.

how to escape ones own arrogance? temptations of superiority. these are the roots for understanding the human condition. deprivation. when you go without food, you don’t necessarily hunger for more and more food down the road. but when you go without respect, the hunger on that path never ends.

not until those on the bottom are crushed by the weight of those who would consider them no-count, nothing. not until spirit is killed and a human being is robbed of all hope. my only answer is education, opportunity, and not shooting ourselves in the foot by unconsciously creating situations where you can then ride in and become the hero.

the world doesn’t need more heroes, the world needs more fair-play. is an interesting observational opportunity in salt lake city, utah. where the religious order is SO great, and the children from the LDS church actively look for charity and causes where they can be of “service.” and then it is the legislation, the system enacted by their parents, which creates much of the social and economic disparity in the FIRST PLACE.

and the desperation to “find” someone to help, is almost greater than any desperation seen in those who might need it. so an interesting place to observe how that system topples itself.

i wanted to WALK to church, and it became so tiring to refuse offered rides from dozens of members, that i became disgusted and weary. it was like i was their token poor person. the mormon church pecking order is a particularly vicious one. which would indicate that within a greater moral character, there is greater enforcement of class levels and class-driven idealization.


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