pound the pings of pixels

what do i hate about Android?
there are times when it won’t ring
you’ll look at the phone and see a “missed call”
but the phone never rang….

the voice mail makes you enter your pin every time
and there is no list of messages
it’s the same as the old home-phone voicemail

with this last phone
sometimes a call is clear
sometimes it is not clear
sometimes it isn’t at all
no one hears you

i don’t like how the makers
load Android up with TONS of bloatware
and you have to go through EACH time
and uninstall or disable
invasive apps
and then i hate that the apps that are
MOST invasive and have access to EVERYTHING
happen to be the ones that you CAN’T disable
greyed out…

and the mind computes
debates how many sell-outs
how many ‘back-door’ deals

what i hate about Android
is i have to ASK it to work
don’t ask me to explain
but if do anything without
mind fully INTENT — it doesn’t register
the ‘tap’ … and that is exhausting
i would just rather have things remain
on the temporal level
though can be nice to be able
to say “no! i didn’t mean that tap!”
and it listens and doesn’t register it …
i think better to have direct

i guess it’s all magic,
what do i know? but Android
will drive you crazy — temperamental beast
beauty that it works at all
put upon
stained by greed
can’t uphold it
not with this weight of compromise

why do i hate android?
because how many years does one have to work?


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