novus ordo seclorum

how grand should memories wane
poorly, i dissolve my name
into the forest of bare-ly trees
time and tincture
optimum breeze
turned de-spite
no better heart sleeps through the night
and glazes song
another day
the past is gone
detracts away

then subtle is
the founding look
the underside
of climb and cook

truth… honesty
the gift of kings
though no king lives
and no rules bring
the sighted
to deserve the blind
ever offer

the turn of moon and sun
yet turns of man
are stops, begun

and filtered
to a knowing fate…
hark!  i was the flowing bate
the stuffed survival
patterned well
how do i own my time, to sell?
for into worry
spins the ghost
and no soul pacts
the world the most

all guilty
yet none understand
the gift
the beauty birthed in man
the one who would take all, aside
and drink the gall of combined fate

i was a merry-maker, true in state
but often, clowns are often blue

of blood?  oh yes, the underscore
the truth the wisdom
never-more…. begun

i was the fire that fed the sun
now past compacts
…. bleeds

how to shake your normalacy…. complacency
yet i concede
that one is not a number
for the spirit, freed

nor come about, and pained
do you pay to catch the rei(g)n
full graves aside

i gave and were alive
to see the falsest notes
the game so all should strive

control the commons
break the bounds
more than most
stifle sounds
and consequence

the pound or pence of wrought….

what soul is bought?
what river springs….

for sakes of man
only masquerades
as need and things

tortured on the wane
of memory
drawing back, again
bold shades of night
weak storms of day

time will match away….
armies complete

all folded, now
what king, what seat?
what purpose

croon the posts
where most is most
and felled

the fell design
contorted, mine
yet done
to mark unravel
bit by bit (how loves the sun?)
in construct storms the gavel
gavel ordered to its grave

minds of tortured past
what tempest lasts?
to burn a way
the conflict sounded
never bound…. defeat

shall we hold de-hands?…. lol
graft of wisdom
oh that one man!
one man saw….



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