within the tenets of observation


bingo, i’m often number three, trying to talk myself into some consequence. 

is taking me a long time to read this book.  rich in history of northern california, and only difficult because have to stop and think.  also, the author is a gentleman who has found himself somewhat lost due to the california gold rush. 

difficult to enter those shoes.  but it is also a little humbling to note so many spot-on observations of human behavior, while also realizing these observations were made, have been made.

and by a man that worked as a cowherd….. not an elite that sat around in parlors toasting good fortune.  he is an impartial judge, does not so much make excuses for white man taking over the native american lands, but does not condemn man himself, for being who he is. 

it’s not just history, it’s historical perspective.  more than anything, i am humbled.  hats off to you, Mr. Joaquin Miller.  i’m wishing that more of us could take that trail, and stop to place a rock at the highest peak of beauty and revelation.


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