the old timers

interesting to watch the old shows
if you’re legit
they make you pay
but ways around that in the caribbean

the old shows showcase
all the language
picked up
” get the bugs out?”
that was before personal computers?
look it up
could be a phrase used 140 years ago
thinking molded by language
the pacifist’s revenge

how much of thought is built?
not original at all
we all sat in front of the lit up screen
drawn to understand
why the perfect world so far out of reach
so alone
but so much a part
of everything else

a slight horrrification
to see the bowels of your being
created once again
to discern how the construction
of logic
was formed and tempered

brings only a sigh, really
if the mechanism itself broken
we are all lost
and the odds of that are high
very high

doesn’t stop me from finding beauty
in the chaos of …completion?
force?  dramatic resolution

we have been brought to these connections
yet the past has a sorrow
i always pitied

you only cling to what works
the rest is a song about desperation



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