rather beliefs

bought cheap coffee
can smell the dung in it…
really there is no mistaking
so i guess some of them cut their coffee with
cow dung
if you had used as many bags of manure
as i have
as a child – set to the task
of taking dung out of a bag
and spreading it … you never
that key

and so today i get ‘dung-coffee’
because yesterday i wasn’t going anywhere
heck no
stay home and sleep
pray a bit
play video games and thing about
how many ways a body can feel miserable

but i WILL overcome
has something to do with that dung
that miserable “coffee” (do they even think?
it is the poor you are getting revenge
on the poor of america and so you are
joining the ranks of the american elite
who also $hit on poor americans)

pretension … before tensing up?

well i try to not keep my revelations
front and center

you just go “great, i’m drinking
dung this morning”

it doesn’t ruin the day
but makes you wonder what else you’re willing to do



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