forced to choose

you open a door
that makes you a gentleman
you wear a dress
that makes you a lady
you go barefoot
that makes you a hippie
wear spiked heals
that makes you professional
make up is a sign
of insecurity
false fronts
smiles can be either patronizing
or real

“you can be anything you want to be ”
so we embark
to prove to ourselves
who we are

cookie cutter
chain of paper dolls
the perfect trap
the baiting of idealism

i write
therefore must be a tortured soul
….. really?
maybe i’m helpful
or i’m devious
or vengeful…. maybe
i write because there isn’t much time
to create a cause
so i’m planting it in the ground
growing a reactive demonstration

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….
seems more like the pursuit of unhappiness in others
so happy is realized within the contrast

and a goal to understand
is just work to make
the understandings of the past more concrete

a bitter smile
too many elderly with bitter smiles
forced abdication

do gentlemen open doors
or do men who wish they were gentlemen
open doors…..
that is the question

and the field is too large
the pain too immediate

i know the depths of evil
trust me
have known, all along
merely using the time given me
to show that i can create a different reality
and who is better off in the end?

you weep over your graves
but if i i i i i weep….. i will HOWL
a scream that will touch the bowels of the earth
and make it shudder

for myself, though?
our kind …. (my kind? all alone, yes) lifts an eyebrow
and goes oh well

i keep my eyes shut for only one reason
….. to give the world time to realize
its fundamental grace
to quantify
out side of the conglomeration
and say yes

this is possible
because what is done to me is forgivable

how do i go barefoot and wear spiked heels at the same time?
see that is what….. lives….. as the problem

there is no way to extend
this system without heart ache



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