and he speaketh on what he don’t knoweth

well the fact is there is no such thing as a person “faking” to be mormon. mainly i guess because three hours of church each sunday and then the tithing and the “pecking order” is something no one would commit to on a lark or a whim. and romney is a bishop. which good grief … it’s sort of like stating that m&m’s don’t come in the color red. and if trump had anyone of substance around him to advise on that, he would have known how crazy it is to even think it, let alone state that romney isn’t really mormon. because there is just no such thing as “not mormon ENOUGH”

the LDS church has no trouble excommunicating those whom they deem unworthy. but also, it’s a … well, don’t want to say fanatic or cult, as some would. but they have their rules and you follow or you don’t. there is no such thing as a partial mormon, you just are or you aren’t.

there is the “tongue-in-cheek” “Jack-Mormon” — those who still drink coffee or have cigarettes. but they don’t rise to any levels in the church. in fact, it’s one of the best ways to avoid being called upon to devote more time or money. the other thing, is that “rising” in the church is a long, drawn out process. they have to join the priesthood, and go on missions overseas or to third world countries. then a bishop is basically a pastor that doesn’t get paid, and commits time and effort to run a ward … and it’s just not something any human being would do unless committed to that religious body. plus … and this is the biggest thing i guess — the Mormon dogma is EXTREMELY unpalatable unless you are fully indoctrinated to that belief system.

and it’s kind of strange that Trump had no advisors, no one to inform him that there is no such thing as a “partial-Mormon” or someone who “just isn’t Mormon enough.” he should have had somebody around him that would have said, “ummmm, Trump old boy, your standard toss-in-a-doubt might not work on the whole Mormon thing.” but apparently no one thought to warn him.

so anyway … most of Salt Lake City is laughing. so welcome to Utah, Mr. Trump — don’t get lost on your way out the door!

But seriously, in looking at the video footage, Mr. Trump prefaced the statement with bragging on how many Mormon friends he has.  Which he then “trumped” himself by showing how little he knew about the LDS church.  And he did that for the sake of a rhetorical ploy.  “you are Mormon, I am with you.  Your Mormon Romney is against me, so he is not one of US. ” it is a common method used to elicit greater empathy within a crowd.  And trump over uses all of his rhetorical ploys.  They stand out like sore thumbs.  Make the educated wince.  But mormons are NOT evangelicals, Mr trump.  Are a little higher up on the food chain.



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