and god told adam to name the animals

i know how easy it is to classify
visual cues
embarking upon chains of past experience

thing about “the internet ”
is you get to know a mind first
and then realize
how incorrect those visual cues can be
you read them in your own voice
and think “yes! ”
and then hear their real voice
or see them or a photo
and realize you would have prejudged them
in life
and not gotten to know them at all

there is no escaping this fact
that the classification process
within social interaction
can be extremely flawed
to the extent
of 180

a degree so large that one cannot defend
the nature of “first impressions ”

and furthermore
it goes the other direction
where those you would gravitate to
in “real life ” might appear online and you
can only slap your head and go omg…

therefore it is very easy to conclude
that classifications and prejudices
for predicting behavior and indicating kind

are incorrectly applied and collected
perhaps it is a biological built in factor
to promote species diversity

whatever the reason or cause
fact is that we are animals that incorrectly judge
and classify our own fellows

and then the confusion!
the desperation to make sense of it all
every bit of tv and news
involves the desperate job of shoring
those prejudicial waters
keeping belief in prejudging alive

it is taxing
it is tiring
don’t have an answer
because so far have only found
that a second set of prejudgment arises
online–instead of dropping the process
it will expand
to include two or more differing sets of parameters

so the root
what is the root of prejudgment?
what instigates and feeds human prejudices?
are they actually bad?
do they serve a purpose?
or is that purpose obsolete?

well i just don’t know
yet more importantly
i find no way to stop prejudging
even when aware of its fallibility

can either have less or more
but seems to be impossible to have none

so far the effort to mix up the determining factors
for many preconceived perceptions
has proven to only be disruptive
rather than encouraging less prejudgment
would appear there becomes a tighter grip
a greater belief
in those prejudgments that remain

therefore i will think about the original premise:
that prejudgment (classification) is BAD
due to its high level of incorrect application

(one of these things is not like the other… dear god we are sick)

the “differences ” in men and women

especially absurd
when all grey matter is gray

within science
one must compare and contrast
they are two different events

but in rudimentary society
that same process is one machination
typified by the term “strange”

so what is survival?


Feedback always welcome

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