rise of warmer waters

so that was a close one

what is it that i cling-to?
when chaos wants to take control
i look at my toes
the now the present
sit there for awhile
in the full physical
….state? trap? place of
nothing but decay
an obvious ending

then i look up
i look at the hope
and smile as i hold onto
one thing and many

and i pray for those who
are lost in the wants
for themselves

i pray that there is mercy
because God knows
….i have none
not a wit

you have to set pain free
before can rein it in
have to find that junction
where self and self life
mee(a)ts its needs

then go without….
without hope
without desire
without love
without belief
without trust

baseline it to see the parity
come up for air
world still here
(well that’s a relief)

…. so not too bad
balance and blisters
not so hard to be a sitting duck
eh … moo moo and quack quack
even when all is shadowed
all wrapped in convoluted mystery

there are a few things that can’t
be taken
one is that understanding
will always involve basing observation
on past observations of others
and the second
is that nobody is right

and everybody is free

i will always be tired beyond imagination
but what wearies me?
oh i suppose there is an exasperation
with a process long dead in its effectiveness
and smaller minds so vulnerable
to belief that they have the truth
when a truth is only as good
as its wielder

and fear…. oh the fear is nothing
truly nothing
no such thing as fear

there is either frozen
or moving:
the rest is making excuses

….. and i have some doozies
some whoppers
some popsicle sticks glued together
with elmer cows…

God help me! but God help you too! lol
more importantly
God help the next day
and the next…..and the next

mark your calendars
what i mark
is expansion
for while some draw everything in
all the rest will draw outward and there is no
such thing as private information

paths are known
and see…. now drop that panic
and realize that what is precious
is the moment you are nice to someone

when you are nice and it counts
but don’t pat yourself on the back
only takes a little bit of foresight
to realize
there isn’t much left to fight-over

i don’t know how to help those who are not nice people
so they will remain un-helped

what is a sore thumb?
eh … at some point
life will put all those idioms in a box
(what IS a box?)

….then put the box on a shelf
for tomorrow’s lunch

nobody is right and everybody is free
not too complicated
not too hard to see … to believe…to retrieve

better to create your own
your own stubborn reality
and we’re going with whatever works

minus working the whatever
then tie it with a bow
sound the alarm
full steam ahead! backwards and two clicks north…

“we” is a coward’s word, btw
….oh, he’s right about that!

today is a part of tomorrow
it is!
you forget, but what ties us together
is even more tired than my imagination

yet still lets life move against design
oh i’m full of nonsense — it is a nonsense day
a day yet it is
now ready to make the pain stop long enough
to move

movement — free will? free something….

make being nice count
it has to count

because i believe in the ability
of the self to determine parameters

it goes farther than that, though

i believe belief is not necessary
to cringe and breathe at the Up



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