oh just give me a break

if i was a black person
and someone were sitting at the table
saying, “black people just don’t think like you and me…”

i would have the right to be offended

bigot is a bigot
the book of diseases gets bigger every year

soon you will be in it
soon she will be in it

then who will the perfect people be?
the doctors? the shrinks?
they’re the craziest of us all

funny thing is
that those who work hardest
to believe in mental illness
are the ones most doubtful inside
of themselves — afraid that they themselves
are not mentally well ENOUGH

they are worried that they might not be normal…they worry
that if they don’t walk right and talk right
then it’s the end of the world….they
believe that if there are more OUT THERE who are
mental, that magically makes them more sane in HERE

so they have a stupidity
they fail to comprehend the paradox
guess the irony is they don’t see
how things balance themselves…
so inside they are weak and …



we are ALL people

please try not to be a bigot


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