Letter to LG


I accept your apology on behalf of LG, however I am not pleased. As a person who wishes to see Android and Windows become best over companies like Apple —hardware companies that defeat that effort are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

My hope was to see LG rise as a corporation of integrity. Now I am very discouraged.

I will send the phone in to you, was purchased last November through ATT. Has two more years of payments on what I now consider a piece of junk. I won’t risk using it again, and stay with the Windows Nokia phone for now.

When the issue is a firmware/software glitch or bug, there is no such thing as “repairing” the phone. IF you had a fix or solution to the problem of the mic cutting out during phone calls, I would certainly hope you would roll out the update to ALL of the G3 phones that need it. Not simply accommodate those who make the effort to complain and return a product.

Do you see the problem there? Because I sure do. You could get on the ball, get the Marshmallow update configured with a fix to the mic problem included. Yet would rather punish consumers more for choosing LG, causing them to spend time and effort to get a phone repaired for something that could be done remotely.

This is not a hardware fix, it is a software/firmware issue and a possible conflict between the device firmware and google programming. So I will send the phone in, but I don’t know what you think you are going to do with it. The malfunction is sporadic. You may or may not be able to reproduce it.

The mic cutting out is a known issue with this model phone, and I cannot depend on it to accomplish the one necessary task of making a simple phone call. Once you cannot depend on something, that is it. Since I already sent the device in once, and this is my second device, which has also failed IN THE SAME EXACT MANNER… I am not inclined to believe that any “fixed” phone you return to me will be any better.

Understand? Therefore I believe you should make this right in some other way. But since that is not going to be possible, due to the nature of business at this time, I can do nothing except protect my own business and reputation by not ever again using or purchasing an LG phone. Do you understand?

What if I called the emergency service here, and they could not hear me? What if family needs me immediately? This is not a minor issue and your failure – LG’s failure to step up to the plate and fix this defect in their phones, could cost lives. I care about that. You should, too.

Send a label and I will send you the smartphone. But at this point I don’t see any way for me to believe it will ever do the one necessary job, just the one job it needs to do — which is function as a phone.



2 Replies to “Letter to LG”

  1. Such a shame that the consumer should have to go to such lengths to get a seemingly simple issue resolved. I’ve had issues in the past with either mobile phones or computer issues. I haven’t used a cell phone in quite a few years now and we don’t miss them at all. It seems to me that futile attempts at ‘fixing’ the problem only serve as negative marketing. If ‘valued’ customers get frustrated, beyond the confines of a multi-year contract, they eventually walk away…valuable customer business lost. The automotive industry spends millions on vehicle recalls yet communications companies attempt to simply put a band-aid solution together.

    Your point on the importance of the phone’s use from an emergency perspective is well made. I have found in past that unless you get your concern to someone of senior position/authority all you get is a pile of placating rhetoric that only adds grease to the fire.

    Hope you find resolve Eileen. Writing a reasoned inquiry should serve you better than a simple phone call to a ‘Support’ rep. Good luck on this.

    1. thank you, Don…. yes an email might reach higher up or has a better chance. and yes, it is unbelievably disconcerting, especially when reading accounts where others replaced their bad phones three or four times. and my family doesn’t want me calling them now, because of the bad quality. not to mention that when it cuts out altogether, others get very upset to get a call from me and then hear nothing.

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