matched on pods

oh she’s terrified of making
a wrong impression
pulls me along in her wake

when i generally don’t bother
rules of social niceties
where did they come -from
who says

in some ways
i care what others think
on a deeper level
they don’t have to see me
don’t have to respect me
but the right
the right
for deciding ones own reaction
that has to be respected

and i suppose that comes down to honesty
it’s true
that living to impress
becomes a matter of then becoming convinced
of your own inflations

and we all need to be able
to reach out for help sometimes
pride is a two edged sword
with some spikes and maces thrown in

oh, life is too short!
and i don’t know how long this path is
i just don’t know

do you?
hahaha destinations are hidden
when now is so unbelievably precious
oh she’s terrified of making
a wrong impression
and will continue to pull me in her wake
because my love will never leave

it’s not a cross
it’s called some things are more important

and sometimes the shoe’s on the other foot
i’m the one who needs to remember
that you let go
let live
find your own garden

see the other side of the bridge
know they are not all made of timberwood

not only do i not do revenge
i work to make sure revenge
is not a form of competency

we all have our stumbling blocks
it’s time
time’s flight of birds
sky’s ambers
rocks and beauty
that aches because each fort(e)
has one stone
that cracks but never turns to dust

oh it’s all carved!
and the inscriptions all say the same thing
the same thing and different
have you deposited flowers on a grave?
i have seen the flowers weep
more than anything my heart could bear
more than anything deserved
in this path
this path and consequential fortitude
whose destination is not indulged

not by you, not by me
best of all possible worlds
how true
and how much hope for the blade of grass
the air
the air the mountains and time itself
how much hope
hope and brave design
i laugh and nobody wins
and yes…. even the goat
that was never got

remember who has lived longest
eyes have their tears
but tears have more example
than time itself

how much can one soul stand?
forever and one god awful day



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