the world turns and oil burns

driving your cars all over the place
work to school in this putrid rat race
then you can’t breathe air
just so you’re faster on the ground
the sky falls at night
yet you can’t hear the sound
of stars screaming out
their brightness never seen
how many thumps on the head will it take
to wake up from your dream?

does stupid have a name?
it’s every driver formed by greed
you pick up fast food fast
then at night you work to breed
then each stair step has its car
and they drive but don’t get far
as the world turns
oil burns
oil burns….

you scream at your husband
you scream at your wife
you scream at your kids
what a gorgeous bleeping life
then you save your money wisely
but the banks have all the pull
and the stores are crammed with handcrafts
mastercard is so damn cool

i still walk among the graves, you know
stroll to see the earth
the sacrifice to industry
the death surrounding birth
that day i talked to ravens
and i smiled at a soldiers plea
i heard bag pipes in the distance
amazing grace… but not for me

not for me…..

the earth is choked
i cannot breathe
you idiots
you fools!
you feed the pockets
only tools
then you wonder why you hate
and struggle
but gladly took the bate
with the good it did you
now we breathe our fate

you worry about saving the economy
but fail to see the dichotomy
numbers trap you
trap you in this pocket of filth
lining good intentions
screaming murder
screaming sanity is all!
but even babies build their walls

i step only with a smile
smile of pain
the world turns
oil burns….
the world turns
oil burns….

i have my feet
i have my feet to walk
i have no exoskeleton… talk
to me
you cut me and i bleed
now i bleed to see

the lightning clears the air
sparks of victory
oh who cares!
i have my feet
you have your car
i hope it gets you far
the empty shell that gives no solution
at the end of the day all you have is pollution

driven to realize
we are creatures of this earth
so the world turns
oil burns
the world turns
oil burns

i have my feet
i have my feet to walk away
i have my mind
to tell forever
my mind!
that clean air will happen
some day
some day….

the world will turn
and we’ll toast the setting sun
with cups made from carburetors
and hats made from hubcaps
but of course that won’t happen
tools and fools
you and your metal shells
i hope they make good coffins
we’re going to need them

the world turns
oil burns…. burns….. turns….. burns….. turns
but my feet walk away

walk a way!


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