if i count loudly enough

that’s an easy trap to fall into
all people are the same
the multitude of SHEEP

and only i! only i am different!
only i keep independence
and free mind

i wonder why it’s a trap
such a romantic notion
a rock in a sea of churning flowers

the hope — the belief? the wish
to be something beyond all who have been
or ever will be

aggressively original
more than that … remaining original
while everyone else becomes the same

yes, that’s an easy trap to fall-into
or one of several

thing is —the less that is known about others
the easier it is to say they are all the same

generalizations stem from ignorance
differentiation a sign of intemperance

so i don’t care if i’m very unique or
more like everyone else than humanly possible

a person must pull on the breaks, you know?
look at something like that twice…
say ….hey wait a minute!

the inside of me
is always going to look different than the outside of others



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