puddles on the mountain

i hate fascists
supporters of dictatorial rule
the control of others
but i appreciate the subtleties of
i’m not sure how my brain
works out the logic on that

it’s something about how fascists are happy
by cause and effect
when the cause is from a central point
or self

whereas those who manipulate
see a wider relationship
to cause and effect
the mind has already explored simple cause and effect
at an early age, and moved on

so it is not the fascist action
so much as it is the fact of the simple-minded
deciding they are the ones
to decide
for others … and the fact
that with a limited foresight
there is a naivete
or way of falling upon tradition
rather than optimal states

i leave it alone
let the course unravel
any intelligent reality

it is the chip on the shoulder
the believing one is less
an inner battle
you will have to wait for it to be over
before any logical path arises

and i don’t have time
at this point….no
only so many years left

no time for the fascist to catch up
to the more complex world of
cause and effect
and i have no patience for tradition

any mind knows
all must be processed and analyzed
remove what does not bode well
otherwise directions
to where we are all marching to hell

what is power?

determining yeses and noes….

it is easy to throw a wrong into the mix…
see where it comes out

then can combat a wrong you never created
because know the path

and i step back
you know i do…. leave it
because you do …. you certainly do
decide to heck with it all

i have a roof
i have food
i have only moderate pain

life could be worse. and you find
occupation in the world
of creation (and beauty)

yet the social system
is the foundation
and if that cracks and crumbles
no roof is going to save you…

what i am is a person
who is horrified by the wishes in the hearts of others

what do you want?
it’s not respect
wanted puppets on a string
that’s all

that was the end goal
i can see those who have other
end goals

i know the difference
i know the hiding done by those
so very mesmerized by psychology
like a recipe
for those who never really learned to cook

you hope most that are like that
have died off
a part of generations past
that had harsher times and greater

what is fascist?
i hate fascists and the part of me
that understands rules must have some give
some stretch … a way to know best
is not clear-cut

and you know i don’t think it’s fascism that i hate
it’s stupid-fascism
if something is to rise-above
to command
it darn well better have a width
to that mind

every time i will sacrifice myself
my everything
to show that the fascist is dismissed
is dismissed from ANY consideration

because my world does not have room
do you know how many times i have seen
directions go to hell?
bodies lost … stranded

plus what happens when a simple
takes a good idea but at face value
and then it becomes a bad idea?

how many things are tangled….

you know i study cords
….. all the cords to my electronics
they seem to tangle naturally

i don’t know how
part of me decided that i must get up
in the night and in my sleep
spend it tangling cords…
creating puzzles for myself

though another part of me says no
it is part of the nature of the beast

but a fascist is not a tangle
it is the destruction of cords because they tangle
it is the evil of control
of the lust for power

i know i will not understand
because i know she did not understand
my grandmother on her deathbed
and my mind might be more flexible
but was never greater than hers
so all i can do
is damage control

say no, that is a bad way
i will block

too many souls could be lost
perpetuation can NOT happen with this

i hate what has been caused from the past
and i know what has caused

and i’m not sorry
because i have observed the wide-spreading
results of fascism
and it starts with a fascist

only takes one



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