i go awwwwww

i go awwwwww, isn’t that cute
she thinks there is such a thing as positive energy

i can’t even remember
how long ago that was

i go awwwwww, isn’t that something
they believe people actually care

i go awwwwww, how special do you have to be
to stand half naked and complain about naughty priests?

i go awwwwww, ain’t it precious
how i can pinpoint right when TV violence became popular
throw them to the lions!

i go awwwwww shucks….life is too short
so many things to do
so many actions to be…

i go awwwwww, it doesn’t really matter
sun rises and sets
i wake
i fall asleep
i do and become
something less than i was tomorrow

it goes on
because mind holds the order

i go awwwwww, order of business?
law and order
order some fries with that?

i go awwwwww, just let me float
because i never decided on importance

(mmmmm…. ice cream and root beer)

i go awwwwww, the bird!
the bird flies in and sips some water
flies up
and i look up!

i look up
i go awwwwww…breathing can be so nice
so i go awwwwwww so cute she believes in positive energy
energy is or it isn’t

just like i am (forgiven)
and i’m not (guilty)

see…. i go awwwwwww
it was a good day, right

i close my eyes
and see the sky fall
i see ends from long ago
and anger that must be matched
ALWAYS matched!

i go awwwwwwww, it’s not so bad
not so terribly constructed
the world reflects thoughts
reflects soul
and i go awwwwwwww… how does the next step start?
it isn’t will
it isn’t energy, positive? or negative
it’s understanding


see, i’m never finished
i go awwwwwww, aren’t we the last?

the last



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