what is beauty

beauty is crawling onto my lap
pulling off my glasses
looking me in the eyes
and asking “who are you?”
beauty is running full board
even though a fall is imminent

beauty is smiling wide
even though you are bored beyond measure
beauty is knowing the world is harsh
yet giving what you can of yourself
when you can
however the day

beauty is a child so very aware
that she eats to understand
taste completely
that she moves to know why
others move differently

beauty is a spark
that is precious beyond the greatness
of any man…to be protected
or i myself would destroy
any who would harm such beauty

i remember what i was
and who i became
i know the pitfalls
but i also know how spirit
is greater than conquest

i know that the greater the beauty
the harder it will be to form purpose
i also have seen many reflections
many false mirrors
because nobody stands where i stand
it is a particular point
decided very early
it thrums from that decision
and you bear every bit of consequence
for freedom is necessary

beauty is the ability to move
out of the mind
and into matter … beauty
is ignoring your own needs

because perfection was a ghost
come to visit
but never really there

beauty is the fact that i know
what she will go-through
and yet believe she will conquer
every aspect
where i failed
to keep my smile

beauty is a child who once asked,
“who are YOU????”

and even though i responded with a name,
i knew that was not her question

she will spin
and tumble
but if you simply love

there will be a greatness to that beauty
nothing on earth can match

it’s a funny thing
we all have preference
but do not let an aware child
determine your bitterness
is a path to follow…

she must find something to believe-in
and let that something never fail

let your strength be a heart she will always know

what is beauty?
beauty is a quail
that ran off with a yellow pansy in its mouth
and i laughed
even though i was the only one
who could see the joke

beauty is the flower and the quail, both
beauty is existence that builds
, crumples
, designs
, and moves forward
with hope that is better
when not tinged with sadness

oh, we love our sadness!

beauty is in the differences
and each path has its own measure



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