wherefore art thou

why did the people who settled in America, name their towns and states after cities left behind in england? we take it as something ‘normal’ but really – why? if i left california for someplace new, i guess i would call it ‘new california’ if i couldn’t think of any other name. but that’s the only case. only if i drew a complete blank and had to come up with something.

plus, if a majority of cities were named after the old, and you had more immigrants — then when somebody said they were from Hartford, you wouldn’t know if they meant America or England. i don’t know, it’s just that i can’t find the state of mind where i would name every new place after every old place.

i can’t figure out what kind of mindset that would have to take. non-creative? or maybe names didn’t matter. in the days when maps were rare, maybe names only had to be relatively useful, and therefore lacked importance.

we all watched as the internet territories ‘took off’ and produced an almost exponential degree of naming. who would have thought that “hulu” or “twitter” or something like “google” would stand for such large territories of cyberspace? so why don’t we have cities across the usa named things like reedit or pogo? instead they took “york” and put “new” in front of it. really creative.

lazy? uninspired? or were they paid off? bought in some way by the original? i guess i could look it up and research any theories regarding the naming of cities and states in the usa. but you really would think that the last thing people shaking english dirt off their shoes would do, would be to copy names they left behind.

or maybe the odd naming kept separations in place from one feudal land to another. so those from york, within new york — were stating their heritage. well, that i can understand. the nature to remain divided rather than embracing new alliances.


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