ease the turns (2)

so ease the turns
God always had a plan
no stone unlearned
no refuge bought with sand

the time might be short
but the hours are long
the days might be empty
but the years fill with song

and so we die
but death is something known
and all of life
has music of its own

some day you might knock
and a door opens wide
some day you might see me
and touch the other side

please understand
no fire burns as strong
as the aching hopes of man
in lives that tary long

who have seen more of the consequences
than a heart can hardly bear
kissed by survival
and the purest form of prayers

so ease … the turns
each step that life will take
and on that final journey
please no tears shed for my sake

i will meet you on the morrow
beyond our rising stars
have faith in what you’ve given
have faith in who you are

death only mocks a sleep that never wakes…

so ease the TURNS
please understand
hope lives on
it takes us by the hand…

no gift is greater than what God has planned



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