Bad pills – Gabapentin and the instant Mean Drunk

They should call them “instant mean drunk” pills. Remember when i interrupted rudely (or MORE rudely) at the church meeting? Ran over Yvonne B? That was the Gabapentin. Now to be known as instant mean drunk.

It is a neuraleptic originally used for epilepsy. Then they used it like Tegretol, for bipolar. But unlike Tegretol, it causes loss of PRESENCE OF MIND. Problem with that, is there is NO presence of mind LEFT, to tell you it is the medication that is causing the loss of presence of mind. It is one of the ‘bad’ ones listed by the government as potential for causing people to commit suicide.

After a limited go on crazy people, because of course most are more “in tune” and could step off of something this dangerous — then Gabapentin was marketed as something for the nerves, for reducing nerve pain. And i get it — it makes you feel GREAT! the mean drunk FEELS great all the time – of course all that time is spent yelling at others and believing they are always right. The feeling of “well-being” will create all kinds of differing behavior because of the LOSS OF PRESENCE OF MIND.

This is a VERY scary medication for the medical community to be distributing so widely left and right. Goes under NOT GOOD and I am putting out a warning. Because you might think that it is your good diet, your extra exercise — you just feel so on top of everything. And so does the mean drunk. The mean drunk feels on top of the world.

The absence of PRESENCE OF MIND.

And humans NEED that presence of mind to realize what the medication is doing. It is under the class of psychiatric drugs given first to patients, so that prescribers can add 20 more down the road to experiment on cocktails that then get put into one pill for the next great medical breakthrough.

Do i know what i’m talking about? Pretty much. The only reason I myself “woke up” out of the Gabapentin stupor, was because my shoulder broke out in a rash not seen since teenage years. The body started rebelling, so i listened to it. With what presence of mind i had left. Which was about the size of a five year old self.

This is not candy. Gabapentin is NOT candy. It is NOT pain medication. It is a very strong psychiatric pill. It is a medication that is used for depression — similar to prozac with the same warnings for possible suicide. My thoughts, before reading anything on it this week — were that I don’t think it is healthy for me to go around stoned all day. And that was on ONE pill a day. ONE. Doctor wanted me to work up to taking THREE a day…..

I would have been lost. Everybody is taking it, so it must be safe? It is a TM — a trap medication. The part of you that would inform you that something is wrong– is the part that is silenced by the medication itself.

They say they do not fully understand why Gabapentin stops nerve pain. But mean drunks feel no pain….it is no mystery.

And this is NOT pain medication — it is one of the strongest psychiatric medications made.

I won’t say another thing on Gabapentin, I promise. But I’m just putting out this official warning because i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i didn’t.



2 Replies to “Bad pills – Gabapentin and the instant Mean Drunk”

  1. You have given your readers this very valuable information, especially sense you’ve been a survivor of so much of this very near the same QUACKERY . Sheridan

    1. thank you and yes just because a doctor prescribes something doesn’t mean it is safe and some can do as much or more damage than any street drug. it really does pay to be smart in this area and as aware as possible. especially with any of the psychiatric medications because as often as the patient-information says “we don’t know why it works” — the doctor information gives specifics down to changes in exact brain chemicals.

      don’t trust anyone who is hiding that much information. yes, it is QUACKERY.

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