driver support for Lenovo X220 in Windows 10

even though Windows ten APPEARS to install with little need in manual driver installation, today i decided it just wasn’t running correctly. mostly you will notice too much fan noise and over-heating during even simple tasks. so i went to the Lenovo website and downloaded the intel chipset driver that is only slotted for Windows Xp through Windows 8 ….. and it installed and now is definitely better and not so dang frantic.

or i hope so. doesn’t make sense that Ubuntu Linux can run a full-screen video with much less effort. though difficult to determine if it is the chipset support or the intel graphics driver support. mainly in the thinkpads, it is the absence of the Lenovo power manager in Windows 10 that is the problem.

so i’m going to tinker with it a bit more and see how far i can get.

if it won’t fly straight, will be putting Windows 7 back on it and leave it at that. obviously Linux is able to use a driver that does not incorrectly tax the system. and since the drivers in Ubuntu are freeware and open source, there is absolutely no reason or excuse for Windows 10 using bad chipset drivers.

then again, what else is new? Linux running better than Windows — no big surprise there. it IS frustrating when you just want to be able to watch a video or play a fullscreen video game without excessive fan noise giving you a migraine. plus you can just feel when the hardware is having to work too hard.

the reason i’m using Windows 8 WITHOUT the 8.1 update on the T520 — is to double check on suspicions. so far it does seem that it is the 8.1 and up systems that have driver problems for the chipsets and intel HD graphics. in order to know why, i’d have to know a lot more about writing drivers or altering them. and that’s a lot of study for fixing one or two things. plus it is the job of the software engineers making the operating systems.

something definitely wrong, though — in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 intell chipset support. if you just google “Windows 10 too much fan noise” you will get lots of entries from lots of frustrated users. because it’s a different platform, it’s really not fair to say “Linux can do it, why not Windows?” but there needs to be some kind of solution …. because so far the Windows solution appears to be to wear out older hardware until users have to buy new computers. and i think that’s not quite the best thing for them to be doing.


4 Replies to “driver support for Lenovo X220 in Windows 10”

  1. I run a 2010 iMac but to be as compatible as possible I run Microsoft OS & Linux in a Virtual Machine (Parallels) I have attempted the upgrade of win 7 64 to windows 10 and each time seen that it is lacking. It’s as if the “Beta” release that was made last year wasn’t a Beta but an Alpha as it would not run without crashing at least once an hour (ala BSD) So far I have attempted the upgrade to Win 10 64 5 times and each time retreated back to Win 7 64 due to anything from driver support, Windows own applications failing to work properly, or the Windows 10 OS suddenly and inexplicably deciding that it just couldn’t continue and refusing to install upgrade patches (including security patches) But Win 7 64 and Win 7 32 continue to chug along pretty happy as a clam for the most part. My concern is that Microsoft has outsourced so much of their OS development across the water where the devs are paid anywhere from 1/2 to 1/5th of the salary a US employee (dependent on the country the work is being performed in) I’ve even worked with some of these outsource BPM organizations (or Business Process Management) and every time I spent more than 1/2 of my day trying to explain why their work was not as it was requested in the request. Along the way I ran across the reason for it. The BPM’s are paid by line of code (correct or not they are paid) of course if they can string something on further claiming ignorance, or knowing that a and b need to be connected but because it wasn’t specifically called out they don’t do it, and even make the code in such a way that to connect the 2 requires both to be rewritten. I believe this is what MS has been going through starting with Win 8, 9(yes there was a 9, but it was never released it was so poorly constructed), and now 10. Of course as MS fixes the issues in Win 10 and dependent on the issue it may also impact drivers making MW mfr’s cringe with the frequency and wide scope of updated until mid January. February the updated drivers started coming to market, but Win 10 still seems parboiled and not yet ready to be consumed by those without a very strong stomach. Just my rant… If you will.

    1. on the windows 8 and 10, you have to set the hard disc controller to ahci, if on raid or other (have no idea what mac uses) then windows 8 or 10 will bsod. have to install it while on ahci, and also 10 has compatibility issues with non-uefi based systems

  2. there was no nine, i ventured into the construct areas…. nine was never anything. they skipped straight to ten. so not sure where you heard that.

    10 is the result of compromise and abandoning the better and more secure metro interface of 8. so in trying to please more ordinary consumers, they messed up for the tech-prone. but as far as the ordinary consumers… they LOVE 10….. in the next few years will blow everything else out of the water. might as well settle in for the long haul

  3. but that’s why i’m getting on them so much regarding the driver issues. the problem isn’t in outsourcing, the problem is they are buying outdated drivers from manufacturers like amd, instead of current or patched versions. but also the construct of auto-installing drivers needs to be…. changed. currently you can install the correct driver, and windows will still attempt to uninstall it and reinstall their faulty driver. makes it very difficult for setting up a working system for others

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