the shelter holds despair

smack a rose and watch it bleed
drips of honey
quiet seed

rivers flow and children play
in fountains tinged
with mocking greys

down to the docks where no man hums
a lift and shake and bump of bums

true bitter smile
is near-do-well
how to explain
the clang of bells?

so smack the rose and watch it bleed
hearts once golden
gone to seed

and all about the earth we cry
the sadness of a watchful eye
he died alone and turned full-blue
a silent death for all he knew
the draw is strong
the cost is great
to weave in songs
such loss and hate…

oh! smack your rose!
and watch it bleed
i just don’t care
don’t see the need

ride your rails
and strum your stuff
the love of death
the bleed of bluff

how cool am i?
how cool were you?
we all were taken
he died blue
and lost to what was hoped to gain

pounding fists
the silent rein

a wonder that the world survives
for all the eyes that never cry
and down
so very down it goes
my own small gift as time may grow

smack your rose and watch it bleed
a river
running to the sea
a life that’s left with only need

i tell you i have seen more pain
a rose by any other name…

so how do we begin?

to watch it bleed
and ring those bells
a heart of stone
of wishing wells

and fairy tales that never come true
my god!
he died alone and blue!
do you get it?
do you understand?
there’s nothing funny fooling man
nothing i can truly see…

so smack your rose, and watch it bleed

pocket full of posies
ashes ashes we all fall down
though jack and jill still hold their crowns

blame it on one apple
knowledge plucked from every tree…
to only see the bitters swell
to smack of rose
to touch and bleed

don’t ask
don’t ask
they only dream
it all is paste
a lovely ream

confused, contrite
hardly can breathe
so smack the rose — the watch that bleeds



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