the halls are alive with negative ions

doctors never simply give a diagnosis
and fix it
i don’t know what has happened
or why
they can’t decide? throw medications at you
making them hard to get makes the product
instantly more valuable
which is ironic
since most are crap
and have more side effects
or unintended results
including death and anal leakage…
yet this is the go-to response
before even expressing a diagnosis

for a change
i want a doctor that says “you have _____*fill in the blank*”
i would like to see a goal
for repairing
rather than continual dependency

we grew up with the joke
“take two aspirin and call me in the morning”
now the joke is on us

the majority of medical personnel
i’ve seen are more drawn by a paycheck
than a desire to fix bodies

if they were car mechanics
you all would have run them out of town
decades ago

but the white….
good guys wear white
the uniform
the demand that a degree must equal respect
when how much is retained?
a physician must be a lifetime learner

if i see the status quo change
will let you know
but so far the only thing
hospitals consistently keep repaired and running
are their fountains



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