sacrifice for the outer gift

it’s hard to feel compassionate
when someone is making their bad day
your bad day
is it about control?
i’m not sure
but there is something isolated
in those who are inconsiderate of others
though truth is
if i’m in an inconsiderate mood
it’s a less isolated feeling
perhaps seeing all as a part of self
so why shouldn’t they hurt
if you are hurting?

everyone knows it’s better to spread joy
when you can
to not disturb others
to find a way to make the whole better
when a smile is passed on
there’s no telling how far it can go
but the same is true for bad days
if you let that escape
it can range far and wide
domino effect

though i think of the fake smiles, you know?
when it’s then a matter of degrees
in how plastered that smile is
for how bad things are underneath
those with constant sorrow
learn how to have constant smiles

of course when i frown you know it’s bad
and i suppose a lot of the smiles are fake in their own way
humor often tinged with irony
hope tainted with pragmatism

a constant pity for the world?
we are effective
or not-effective
either learning, or set in a delusion of finished competency
in the end
i like to be able to laugh at myself
for that
never really wise

the sacrifice that is made
to back away
to pronounce good as the ambivalent favor

“good enough” is the real foundation
within fear of greater differences

direction?  oh we are molded!
every story…. every word
products, one and all
yet there is something in choice
that gives me who i am



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