formulations DONE

finding peace is an interesting endeavor
where you can lounge around in sleeping-attire
the entire day
and not feel guilty
or slovenly
the nature of recharging
setting things back to

all are simply customs
the hundreds of ways to BE
examined into
countless measures of validity

how pointless to worry
on perfection
how strange
to believe time can be mastered

the snow melting so quickly
it sounds like rain
and i take deep breaths and consider
every drop of insecurity
every iota
of missing respect …

yet how does that matter
to be seen one way,
then another
how many facets decorate
the human mind?

so often, i am content to breathe
to sit in silence
with echoes of past songs
reverberating along redundant avenues
within enforced entanglements

and yet there is simplicity
a good cup of coffee
and a reason to smile
at how terrible i must look…
how terrible indeed!

but how hopeful hope feels
then standing still
is everything and nothing
permutations that attack the
wounds of travesty

and how to be pleasing?
oh pleasing does not exist
no need to be loved
to be held
the only need is to grasp
and hold a sense of wonder tight
never letting go of a soul that
appreciates more than the divine

it’s not that humans are terrible animals…no!
it’s that creatures choosing terribly
make terrible meters



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