the empty circle

they don’t know
how far i don’t believe in regrets
not only do i NOT cry over spilt milk
i consider the milk
originating as spilled

this point forward
that’s all that is available
regrets are for the weak
and pining over non-existence
is for the weak-minded

it never even crossed my mind
even though i am
at any job
how do you explain how easy it is
to surpass? how the challenge becomes
how close to the edge can you balance?

how close to bad can you get
and how many can see you
as you arrive….

most days i don’t think about it
last time i had a boss
he was more interested in
what he could do to me rather than
what i could do for the business
funny thing
you wonder about sin
but have to let others make their own mistakes

and it is no big deal
most the time i decided not to try
because it all makes me sick…

simply sick
i suppose it’s the degree
in lacks
of steadfastness that bring an illness
up in my heart
the fact that so many have such an isolation
from simple observational conclusion
that so many do not know


i don’t plot regrets
i have no use for what never
will be

i have only now
and the hurt in that i would
even be in a class
with a child … a child! remember
i have seen much and more and have
lived in places faster and quicker
and bigger and forever in the mix
of the future … these tasks,
these THINGS are minute — are smaller
than small
compared to one afternoon at a past
job — finding the right smile
to create the right outcome

it was hell!
and it was not-hell….
don’t ask me to explain california

this is the retreat
and slow again is this place
and i’m ok with that

but golly gee …. i ran races
and only lost to gain information
for the next

i was strong
that strength remains

i have no regrets
hung out to dry
but never wet and never stained
marble will do what it can
helping never got in the way

oh i’m tired
but you have no idea what victory there is
in the fact that our world did not
become a giant atomic explosion
no idea
how completely i envisioned us all gone
and so i am in the

the place that all
ALL!!! is thankfulness
and i smile
because heaven’s sakes
it never mattered
i never mattered
what matters is the world is here
and will be here tomorrow

no regrets
this point forward
and we won even gaining this much

we won even with this much



2 Replies to “the empty circle”

    1. and i didn’t even know you were there! which is my fault, i went to the back and away from the crowd, was too nosy for me. orion told me you were there, so i felt badly. but we’ll connect and catch up another time….

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