how do you feel beat out
by a pansy
what is brave?
what is enduring?
when ends are imminent
is bravado foolish?
or can it be said that
anything is possible
a bloom can last through winter
if so inclined

think, and make it so

i look at the filigree
of ice
how even harsh
and hard
can hold its beauty
before the sun melts
and gives hope again

to the flower
growth in its way
a mystery

humans have their tools
growing wise

hope has to begin somewhere
He said ‘look to the flowers
they are clothed in beauty’
and i say, look to the flowers…
they are clothed in tenacity
forever and forever wise
clinging to what is known
and what is not known
never broken
by continuity

how do i love thee?
let me count the many ways
the many ways of flowers and ice



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