walking among the tents

the perfect world
” accept what is
let go of what was
and have faith in what will be”

but would the world really fall on its side
if we had faith in what was,
and let go of what will be?

it really does help
to move outside of the subjective humanity
and see man as just another type of primate
i find it less confusing
and expectations drop to a more reasonable level

part of my confusion is i am in a different class
i grew up in one class
and found myself landed in another
so my peers as an adult
are not the same as adults of my childhood

but much of that is intentional
i did not LIKE the adults of my childhood
yes, they had more education
and were more responsible
but something was missing

strange to find yourself opting for heart
over competence
yet i know
that this skews my viewpoint
especially when i rage inside
on “what’s wrong with the children these days??!!”
when the kids that I’m seeing are
results from the direction of a different class
and I then create an exaggerated
sense of change

so there is no way for me to know the direction
that society is taking, when i have little
to no interaction with the class from my younger life

though even if err on that
it will err on the side of greater expectations
so that’s not necessarily a bad thing

the middle class in America used to be
more of an upper class
in aspirations
it held certain things as important
even if those things were not advantageous
to their own way of life

now that class is dying out
and there are different standards
flourishing out of the middle and the lower

why do kids scream at top of the lungs for no reason?
i can’t say if lower class children have always done this,
i just know it puzzles me now
it puzzles me that parents have no control over their children
it puzzles me that they somehow
manage to be over protective and have no control
at the same time

but my confusion
might just be that I’m out of place
so i let it go
try to tell myself these things don’t matter
though it hurts to see
it hurts to know that i trained my dog better
than most parents teach their kids these days

it’s hard to see and grasp
but then again, I’m at Walmart, I’m not at Macy’s
though the grocery store is the giant medium
everybody needs food

and I’m not seeing many exceptions
it’s like the world has decided
en mass
to experiment on what kind of adults you get
if children are out of control
spoiled, and over protected

so i guess we are going to find out

if you leave the village to raise your kids
they usually end up raising themselves




2 Replies to “walking among the tents”

  1. We’ve come of age, whatever that means Eileen! It would seem that every generation looks at the previous generation with some level of disassociation or dislocation. Their looks tend to lend silent verbalization to the query they contain, out of politeness or shear aggravation? That look like ‘where do you get off judging my child’s behavior…or mine for having allowed my child’s growth in their own way?’

    We apparently come from a time of rigid discipline, of controlling parental guidance on a short leash, silent until spoken to. Yet what is progressive or stimulating about a child’s unruly holler in a public place…surely what thoughts flourish in their minds in the moment are less that inspired or bearing faith of any kind.

    The world seems on tilt if not fully fallen Eileen. Man’s greatest quest in the day seems to be where and how fast to move on to a place of refuge where simply living still compels their waning spirit.

    1. well, we’re stupid, Don. we use a saying like “it takes a village” to raise a child, and consider it a permission to have only the village raise a child. more than anything, control is a safety issue. it’s a form of caring. protection. if a parent is weak, that child will feel tossed to the wind.

      for me, it speaks to having a lowered value placed on their own progeny. and how does a human develop a sense of value to their own life? so yes, there will be some wide ranging repercussions from changes made in our lifetimes.

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