to be or not to be trampled ….

i have always interpreted “fascist” as those who thrive on fear, and within that fear will strive to overly–or overtly–control their fellow man through legislation or military might… or social coercion.

a type of not allowing others to be or exist, especially if those others are seen as a “threat.” and then within the grouping-sense, the “enemy” is used as a bonding-point and way to enforce solidarity within that group. rather than, say they all like to get together on tuesday nights for basket weaving.

part of the seduction of fascism, is the rise in power over others. and of course, that is more tempting for those who exist in a manner that makes them feel powerless.

historical fascism might be something different — but the center or kernel is still the same as the commonly held definition.

and the ease with which those surrounding you might turn into rhinos — that still stays the same.

you really can’t let down your guard, while saying the propensity for fascism is extinct — simply because its origins are oceans and centuries away.

far as Trump is concerned — he’s not the richest man in the world and never will be. he is loud and undignified. he would make a very poor representative for the american people to the rest of the world. hopefully enough americans can see that. if they can’t, then how to explain that except by a thrall? by the draw to be yet another rhino …. so i think, all in all, that fascism and fascist is an apt term. or close enough.


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