passage of time tunnels

such a basic instinct
hatred of the pretty
though funny when an old show
and reality is they are all old now
like me…

you realize that even if
they held on to some form of beauty
we will all be equal
as dust
when 6 foot under
it’s a strange thing
to watch the slow-bouncing boobs
on Bay-Watch
i had forgotten all about this show
never did watch it much when it was on
but ….

there is something interesting
about the extremely obvious amounts of
grandma liked the show
maybe it helped to believe youth that stupid
empty of ….or maybe full of innocence?
hard to say

i clearly don’t understand people
these are images after all
the dust trail of a comet
not the comet itself

that part’s long gone
i smile at how i can tell
the age of any film according
to its degeneration….

i pick up on something
maybe the air quality that year

maybe it all fades no matter how it is saved
the souls captured, fade

until they are used up completely
or maybe there has never been anything THERE
really there
maybe it’s all a very complicated form
of mass hallucination
maybe every single bit of capture — film
and moving pictures — is but a mass
hallucination stored and re-accessed
by some giant earthly program

and as they age
they fade in earth’s memory

all men must die?
oh heck, the hard thing for most to realize
is that all men must live

courtesy-of buisnessinsider .com
courtesy-of buisnessinsider .com

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