Microsoft and Windows 10 needs work

dear Windows,

we need to have a talk.

number 1: the non-option to NOT install problematic drivers. a: because even using the “work-around” of the special program to hide updates require I first uninstall the bad, reinstall good, etc. b: because today windows 10 INSTALLED THE HIDDEN UPDATE.

2. I WAS an insider. might have to go back so can contribute enough. I have to constantly check the refresh rate now, because Windows 10 changes it to 50 sometimes with no pattern I can detect. (intel HD graphics driver, very common driver) not even as a power-saving that can see, but it wastes my time to have to constantly check. 50 is bad for the eyes, btw. are looking at lawsuits. though no one else cares so you’re probably safe.

number 3: the interface for modifying personalization is unacceptable. just use it a bit, you’ll see what I mean. plus the theme save in it is inoperable — only thing it saves is the wallpaper, so actually wastes time to save and set a theme. did anyone check on that AT ALL?

in the small-range, the synaptic driver for Lenovo Thinkpad is INCORRECT. momentum non functional, yet momentum left as an option. IF you cannot program a past function, or IF need to leave non-functional — DO PLEASE REMOVE OPTION FROM USER INTERFACE. as it stands, windows 10 is installing broken drivers. (same results in 6 different models of thinkpad)

so I can NOT recommend Windows 10 to members of the church or neighbors or family AT THIS TIME. am waiting, but will only wait so long before I start to advise in an approach that involves option number 3. I will never advise option 2, going over to Apple. but 3 is still there, and always will be. and that’s sitting on a beach without a computer, and letting life pass by in a different way.

first should have set up a new data base to issue windows 10 keys to those who are upgrading from windows 7 or 8. one that would deauthorize the 7 or 8 key at the same time as authorizing the 10.

for laptop touchpads, the defaults are bad. edge swipe is unbelievably annoying and already shows in forums with instructions on how to disable. the accidental touch settings are so tight, that often have to tap several times, only in the very middle, for the tap-click to work. which defeats the entire purpose of the tap-click. if have to tap a specific spot, might as well be having to press the right and left click buttons. so that is infuriating — and not having the double-tap for right click makes no sense. it still works with a registry hack.

the edge browser is unsecure. every time I have tried it, takes only one or two days before something crashes it. and in spectacular ways, where restarting the edge browser just takes it back to the bad web page that crashes it.

using a bit-torrent server process for distributing updates is asking for trouble. having defaults set to latch on to any and every hot spot, is asking for trouble.

the driver issues need to be addressed. especially graphics drivers. time to get in bed with intel, NVidia, and amd and ATI. buy them out, buy in … something. there is no computer without graphics. and there is no good computer, without correctly smooth-running graphics.

find a way to make Cortana less of a resource hog. as it stands, I advise users to not initiate Cortana.


Feedback always welcome

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