terrifying Tuesday

Is the fan on too much
or is it my imagination?
don’t remember the fan running that much
must be the fan virus
seen since the early days of xp
no checker gets it
no system prevents it
and i still don’t know
if it’s an actual virus or just
a prevalent windows bug

but fan should definitely not be clipping along
when on battery power
set to passive cooling
and running almost nothing
with cpu usage less than 2%

i sigh
make sure files are backed up
run Windows 10 through a full reset
not knowing if that will help at all
not knowing if it’s my imagination….
all things seem louder
in the quiet of the dawn’s early light

i looked at terrorism, you know
in the global strategic sense
because basically it is
a non-real nation
committing war not bound
by the geneva convention
the agreement that all war should
be civilized
for power is power
and on the sidelines is right where
the greatest victor sits

so all are subject
except those who are subject
are preyed upon by those not subject
due to perceived insignificance
and what does the sideliner do?
sit and watch for even greater amusement
oh yes
there is a problem
yet it lies where no one is looking

how now brown cow
where does your garden grow?
how much wood does a woodchuck chuck
Peter Piper picked
Yankee doodle’s feather
and the ants go marching down… down…. down

sorry about that
my fan must be stuck
don’t know if it’s a virus
or built in flaw to the system…

you’re in the army now
you better get rich
you better get rich
how now
how now brown cow
you’re in the army now
you better be quick
you better be quick
little miss muffet sat on her tough-it
ringed around the rosy
to turn the other cheek
while born to bleed and bow
you’re in the army now
you better get rich
you better get rich
the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
you’re in the army now
how now, how now brown cow?

darn fan…….



5 Replies to “terrifying Tuesday”

  1. What a fine, fun poem; a finely spun web of words worth re re reing down the stream of concerned consciousness. ha HA ha HA ha HA homeland insecurity fanning the home fires burning turnings.
    signed/ a Fan

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