surface tension born

the wind tossing the trees
first fat drops
then the rain falls faster
splatters hitting my tablet screen

water is conductive
and throws a screen into chaos

the wind blows but
only sound is the drops hitting the earth

not snow yet
though the chill
leaves fingers stiff
and i quickly sip my coffee
before going back in

where it’s warm
it’s comfortable in this place
i consider how the mountains will have snow
white peaks reaching to the heavens

the flowers here enjoying a drink
soon enough they will go back to the earth
drops form on the pumpkin
not sacrificed

truckloads of food gone to waste
we fall into tradition
as if that excuses stupidity

sky so dark
dark and brooding
trees tossed
the rain the earth the beauty
my mind enforcing silence
only silence makes the panic find another victim
only resolve
leaves me smiling at the past
knowing what a shame what a shame
time wasted

the rain falls first in large drops
then drives confusion inside
holding on to something barely understood
grasping at beginnings

if i wept like the sky
would earth rejoice? no
reactive to blundering bigs
known within large drops

trees tossed
leaves move differently each time
a dance can be read
eh…. the point is to have no point
brought forward
swung back
stepping carefully
all eyes and all heart
what’s left of it

i didn’t sigh
not today

listening from inside
soft chair
hard dreams

hard dreams
soft contemplations
the rain falls

….. meanwhile hind sight is always 20/20
but sometimes blind is best
blind is best for up ahead



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