money and things

money and things
a bird
in the hand
worth two
in the bush
penny saved
a penny
a fool
and his money
soon parted
waste not
want not
time is
you can’t
take it
with you
man’s trash
another man’s treasure

entertaining or instruction? witty and pointed…. but is that worth while? 
the harder you try, the less you will convince
goal?  to show why i am horrified?  to give a solution?  is there a solution?

man is captive to money
money is the emissary
the go between
it is a creation of man
can it be uncreated?
barter and trade
to exchange goods
rather than create living
in this mechanism where
leading the many in thought
and buying habits
then benefits the few
does equality matter?
will it matter….
did greed create money
or does money create greed?
the focus on the prize
what then becomes blurred
in the background
keeping up with the joneses
having to be in equal ownership
standing among peers
all marching over this cliff together….
things owned
too much stuff
chinese employed and we become
throw away society
no inherent value
items only worth their barter
sun rises and sets
but no end to the piles of possessions
hire storage
homes just for stuff
that should have been a sign
to someone
that you are renting your stuff its own apartment
and on massive scales
storage just waiting for the
dollar to fall
waiting to be sold at a later date
so we have technology
and progress
that devalues items over time
no profit in storage then
but food oh yes
keep that twinkie forever on the shelf
people have to eat
buy now
sell later for more and more
who cares how sick
or maybe it isn’t the preservatives
maybe the earth is tiring
tired of feeding the billions of humans
maybe she has lost hope
we could buy her a dream
with those shiny coins
money makes the world go round
but it really doesn’t




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