one foot at a time

apparently people have a problem with the “slut walk”
the protest march
that says no means no
that shows slut dressing doesn’t imply consent
that there is no such thing as implied consent
and no such thing as asking for it
so why is this a problem for some?
they like to believe every
sexy woman they see wants to have sex with them
only answer i have
they think women should be grateful they aren’t chained in a basement
which is kind of funny
except the one saying that makes me
want to ask where in all of hades were you raised?

the dissent i see only demonstrates
that women really do have a long way to go
before seeing any real equality
the man doesn’t want to be made fun of
for looking at every woman as a sexual object
a leg to hump against

it’s not the goddess
you see
because what is worshipped is your own orgasm
the objectification
has nothing to do with the woman
and everything to do with the man who
thinks world revolves around him
it’s a problem with math
of the size….. of humanity

no, it’s not about you
it’s about freedom

if anything
we need more slut walks
reminders that women are real
and hurt by being seen as…. what?
things?  oh it’s deeper….

seen according to how you look
judged by dress
by make up
by hair
by shoes

the more you spend
the higher class you are

nothing changes this path
this rut
god help us
god save us
march on…… march on
god love every slut

it’s not a compliment



2 Replies to “one foot at a time”

  1. It’s interesting how ‘civilized’ and advanced we are as Western nations we still have such an incredibly long way to go to acquiring an understanding of fundamental mores and values among society that puts both genders on a level and respected playing field. How can we still toil in the darkness of our own shadows, mere fractions of ourselves to our own peers. Humanity has such a shallow gene pool. We still perceive each other as objects on a very base level of instinctual desire yet we cannot dignify the pursuit of human decency, why, out of sheer ignorance of our own species??

    You touch on valid points that undoubtedly many would shrug off for many reasons. There are so many factors influencing how we perceive one another…our upbringing, our peers, virtually anyone who walks this earth in a neanderthal mindset that fosters disdain, delusion, disrespect, prejudice, intolerance, television, movies, music, advertising, cultures that still accept the intolerable discrimination between the sexes….the list is lengthy. And yes, sadly it even comes down to the very clothing we wear, the way we walk and talk…perception and misinterpretation of an intentional nature.

    We have to get back to basics that are taught from childhood on. But what of the millions who aren’t on board? This conjures many ethical questions. Are the thought police that far behind? Where is the justification causing fear for saying ‘NO’. A ‘rut’ indeed. The world’s in a twist.

    1. thank you, Don… yes i think it is a step we missed in the quest for civilization. partly to do with the entertainment industry and industry in general. they say “sex sells” but you don’t see “sexy” men selling cars. i always thought, in a relationship, that viewing the man as someone to serve, to raise him up, was how to be. then to realize now that that only places expectations that are a burden to both. yet i didn’t know any other compliment, when seen as an object myself.

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