to her we are all food

the day is tinny
has a metallic ring to it
even rays of the sun
are like steel wires

no car slows
and streets feel wider
the walk, longer

feet tired
gravity is strong today
nobody realizes
it pulls on the scale as well as you
could be strong
could be light
you wouldn’t know
if it were fluctuating
heck you wouldn’t know
if it fluctuated every second
in a bizarre cosmic dance
every movement a reaction
to the pressure we never see…

we could be gaining
or losing pull every day
it’s all correlating
so no difference is noted
maybe gravity was heavier in
the old west
and that’s why they never smiled

maybe the days were metallic
stretched and shiny
vibrating like a tuning fork

reaching to the sky
minds knew they had to dream
or risk an emptiness
a crushed hull

there is one word for tenacity
or should i say
tenacity is only one thing
it’s standing on those high gravity days
despite the pull that eventually
pulls you right into the earth

and pretending like you don’t feel
the burden
stretching backwards and forwards
light and time
mist and wind
entering light
light away from this heaviness
nobody notices

they think light is the opposite of dark
heavy then only a darkness
a black hole

though it could be us that spins
50/50 chance

solid understanding
has only to do with function
and there are many ways
to make it all make sense

but today?
oh even the air is metallic
hard and unforgiving
i breathe and feel cut

i look from eyes that have known
too many likenesses



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