Microsoft why oh why

There is nothing like installing a new Windows system to make you question how absurd things can get. And it is the update process, where I would just laugh if it did not cost so much in time and aggravation.

I mean what kind of irony IS it, when the update to the update program, is what has the worst bugs? And THEN how do you fix that? With an update patch to the update for the update program. And by that point I seriously think there needs to be a different form of approach by the Microsoft programmers.

My question becomes, IF the update to the update program needs a patch, why not rewrite the update to the update program WITH the bug fixes so that the patch is then not necessary?

I don’t understand why nothing … nothing in this system is rewritten. It is only added-to and on-top of until there are SO many running services that it has become a monster house of cards. And it’s as if those who are writing the programming, are separate and apart from those who are trouble-shooting the actual function of it. It’s as if Microsoft has one source of programming, generated by some other entity that they stole from them or got in some way that gives them no access to those who wrote the programming in the first place.

You know I’m creative, so I think up all kinds of reasons why I am seeing this pattern of patch this and patch that but never go back and rewrite the programs themselves. Never go back and consolidate function of the 20 processes launched all for the same purpose. Never go back to streamline or create a viable build.

It has me all over the place, wondering if the U.S. is just stealing technology from another source. Wondering if the U.S. is just using technology from crashed alien spaceships. Wondering what in heck’s name is up?

It makes doubt my own sanity. But as I update the update for the third time (with the patch on hand on the desktop), hoping for different results — I remind myself that I did not create this situation. Am only observing it. Microsoft, why oh why? There has to be a better way than this.


Feedback always welcome

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