to get what you want

do people really spend time
figuring out how to put a wrench in things?
of course they do
it’s just that when i’m all alone
in the processing of smoother results
the road blocks become a mystery
because i don’t think like that
i don’t think
what frustrates this person most
and what can i do to harm them?
so i often miss the machinations

it takes one to know one?
if you can’t beat them, join them?
truth is
saw it all in grade school
ignored because what can you do….
stand back to observe a little better
it’s the paths taken
the biggest objective

i suppose manipulation is the key
but i always just let them pass me by
let others design and orchestrate
dreams of out-smarting
and out-maneuvering

the many weary ways the human ego
seeks to ensure itself
i am best

maybe it was the time spent
with my grandmother when i was young
lessons given and long forgotten
but still there in a framework
of comprehension

or maybe i dismissed the goals of others
as petty and short-sighted

there is what you need to live:
shelter, food, occupation
but the most important need of all
is respect for yourself

it does become difficult
if constantly standing on the outside
but would be even more difficult
when engaging in constant ploys
for the game
“i’m better than you are”
the games that involve more the thwarting of others
than ways for everybody to see better ends

abuse of power?
yes, there’s that
but also the goal of power itself
i ignore various ways
because have seen it as a waste of time
if they ever came to me and asked
” what should we do? ”
i would have said it’s too late
you have already gone the path
of only serving yourself

it just gets uglier as you go along
and i suppose my own stand
has its own smug way
but the backbone is made mostly out of sorrow
pained constriction
in the lone observation;
the part of me that goes
go ahead and play
because the only answer i have
is that it costs much less to the soul…
to be kind

and i always counted cost



2 Replies to “to get what you want”

  1. Well-said, E. The cost to the soul is indeed too high, and the “reward” is fleeting, at best. Is it a construct of ego to say how good it feels to let go of ego and let others dance around the manipulations? (i.e. is it feeding the ego to say, “I’m better than those kinds of people who operate almost exclusively from ego”?) I don’t know, but I do know that I am always happier when I sit back and observe and let others bring their own karma on themselves. 😉 We who observe tend to notice the puppet strings and the way the clock gears all fit together…not saying it’s good or bad, but it definitely keeps one out of trouble.

    1. yes i agree, you can’t get caught plotting if you’re not plotting! lol… though it is a bit of a paradox, in that not participating is in itself a move within the larger game. is it integrity? part of never losing hope? that direct honesty will win out in the end….

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